A returnee family assisted to apply for fiscal package

The head of an Egyptian family of 6 members, returnees from Montenegro in municipality of Gjakovë/Djakovica, received legal aid from “Advancing Together” (AT), partner organization of UNHCR, regarding application procedures to benefit from Government Emergency Fiscal Package. As the family is without any monthly income, during the pandemic caused by COVID 19, they had the right to benefit from the financial support. AT assisted the family during registration in Employment office as a precondition to benefit from the package, fulfilling the application and submitting it to the municipal Central for Social Welfare.

During pandemic, more than 100 families were assisted and advised by AT in regard to benefiting from Emergency Fiscal Package that was of significant support on accessing the opportunity that would enable the family to at least fulfill their basic necessities during pandemic. So far 26 of supported families, belonging to Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community, benefited from this package, while others are being assisted and advised on filling in and submitting the appeal.

Published on 11/10/2020