WHO guidelines to facilitate effective management of the COVID-19 pandemic

WHO has developed specific guidelines to prevent and combat COVID-19. The guidelines have been shared with relevant institutions in Kosovo and are available in different languages. Below you will find the list and links as per the languages available.

• Considerations for school-related public health measures in the context of COVID-19.
• Advice on the use of masks for children in the community in the context of COVID-19.
Returning to Workplace – emphasizing employers’ responsibility to provide for gradual and safe return and working from home when possible
• Use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). WHO produced infographics for promotion and easier comprehension.
• Mass gatherings are not recommended by WHO, as indoor gatherings are the highest single amplifier of transmission.
Contact Tracing of COVID-19 cases and potential cases is a community-based, person-centered approach with a 14-day self-isolation focus.
WHO’s Guidance on Global Surveillance for COVID-19 provides definitions of cases, such as suspected, probable and confirmed (updated).
WHO’s Laboratory Testing Strategy Recommendations & Laboratory Testing in Suspected Cases.
• Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: When and how to use masks.
• Public health, criteria to adjust public health and social measures in the context of COVID-19.
• The importance of mental health during the period of COVID-19 pandemics.